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February 2022

Clean Cooking in India, Satellite-powered Forest Preservation, and Cleaning up the Ocean

80,000 lbs of CO2 reduced from the atmosphere this month.
3,842,000 total lbs of CO2 reduced from the atmosphere.
Introducing our first installment of Oco Crew Updates - this is where we will share our climate action story every month! This month, the Oco Crew reduced 80,000 lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere by supporting three active climate projects. 

We supported a clean cooking project in India from Cool Effect. This project maintains biodigesters that limit methane emissions from livestock and creates methane fuel that replaces wood-burning stove cooking. 

We also supported a satellite-powered forest preservation project in Mexico from Pachama. By using satellite data to monitor CO2 emissions from preservation projects, Pachama makes it much easier to assess forest preservation projects. See the land we are helping preserve below.

The third project we supported is the wonderful community-recommended Ocean Cleanup. The Ocean Cleanup has created new technology where boats are used to directly remove plastics from rivers and oceans directly.
Our Contribution Approach
We fund the most substantive solutions based on research by leading climate experts.
Our main guide to solution research is Project Drawdown, an amazing organization that has worked with hundreds of experts to create a comprehensive plan of existing climate solutions.
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We fund projects certified by top international environmental standards.
Top international standards like Verified Carbon Standard by Verra and Gold Standard ensure measurement of CO2 emissions from the carbon cycle and impactful outcomes from projects. We only fund projects that meet these top international standards.
Learn More About Verified Carbon StandardLearn More About Gold Standard
We fund the most cost-effective projects.
Right now, Oco Crew members remove CO2 from the atmosphere for $8.90 per ton of CO2 reduced from the atmosphere. We do this by seeking out the most transparent and innovative organizations working in the climate space.
We have transparent finances and encourage ongoing community feedback.
Oco Crew has open financials meaning we offer a spreadsheet showing how our money is used every month. We encourage all supporters to provide feedback on the projects we fund and anyone who wants to can apply to join the Oco Crew Fund Committee. Only 5% of donations go towards operating costs thanks to automated processes and awesome voluntary support. See our open financials
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