The Conservation Coast in the Izabel Region is one of the top three most deforested areas in Guatemala. This Project is designed to solve the main drivers of deforestation in the area and to improve the lives of more than 3,000 local families.
Nature photograph of climate project location.

We help local communities protect their forests and ecosystems in Guatemala.

In one of the three most deforested areas in Guatemala, we support a project allowing locals to protect their forest and local ecosystems. We support this local community in the Izabel region to patrol and protect their local rainforest from deforestation, education their local landowning farmers how to improve agricultual practices, and fill the gap for women's health services.

Luisa Yat, local community member

We are taking care of the forests for our children who come after us.

To learn more about the project, watch a video created by the organization running this project, Fundaeco.