Currently, many farmers in the United States are using agricultural practices that harm soil, release carbon into the atmosphere, and hurt food production. This project focuses on education and policy changes to improve soil carbon storage in the US agriculture system.
Nature photograph of climate project location.

Helping US farmers improve farming practices to increase yields and carbon storage in soil.

Carbon180 is Oakland-based NGO focused on improving US federal climate policy, supporting soil capture with US farmers and supporting cliamte research.

We chose to fund Carbon180 for their strong reputation in DC, and their work to support farming practices that increase carbon storage in soil, one of the most impactful climate solutions identified by Project Drawdown.

Most recently, the provided a congressional policy blueprint and hosted a webinar discussing climate strategy with Senator Mark Heinrich, colleagues from the Department of Energy, Microsoft and Stripe. Learn more in the video below. (If you have a shorter video from Carbon180, please share in live chat or email